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Our main products include openWRT Wi-Fi router, 4G/5G router, WiFi 6, Vehicle router, AP, Outdoor router, MiFi, LTE CPE etc. All of our products are designed, developed and produced by ourselves, with appearance patent and software patent, supporting OEM/ ODM service.
  • 1. Z800
  • 2. WG1602
  • 3. WE826

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Shenzhen Zhibotong Electronics Co., Ltd.(ZBT) was founded in 2010 with a registered capital of 50 Million Yuan. It is an early group of well-known manufacturers in China engaged in the design, R&D and production of wireless IoT communication equipment.

ZBT advocates openness, cooperation and win-win principles, cooperates with customers and partners to innovate, in order to expand the value of this industry, forms a healthy and successful industrial ecosystem, adheres to the concept of making high-quality, cost-effective products, and provides customers with innovative, open, flexible and safe Network equipments and cloud platform management system services that are stable, reliable, safe and continuously updated. Strive to the development of Internet of Things industry and smart cities, welcome the arrival of the era of intelligent connection of all things.

Company News

How to choose a WIFI6 router?

The pace of entering the WiFi6 era is faster than we imagined. Now both flagship and mid-range mobile phones have added support for WiFi6, and the price of WiFi6 routers is also the national price. You can buy a good product for a few hundred yuan. In this process, Shen...

What is the difference between wireless routers and optical modem

1. The principle is different Optical modem is a device that converts the Ethernet light signal into the Internet signal, and the computer can dial up the Internet only through the Optical modem. A wireless router is a device that can distribute the network to several computers with a network cab...